Reconsideration of directions or decisions

(1) An organisation or individual aggrieved by —
(a) any direction made by the Commission under section 27(2) or section 29(1) or (2); or
(b) any direction or decision made under section 28(2),
may, within 28 days after the issue of the direction or decision concerned, make a written application to the Commission to reconsider the direction or decision.
(2) Unless the Commission decides otherwise in any particular case, an application for reconsideration shall not suspend the effect of the direction or decision to be reconsidered except in the case of an application for reconsideration of a direction to pay a financial penalty or of the amount thereof.
(3) The application for reconsideration shall be made in such form and manner as the Commission may require and shall set out the grounds on which the applicant is requesting the reconsideration.
(4) If any application for reconsideration is made in accordance with this section, the Commission shall —
(a) reconsider the direction or decision;
(b) affirm, revoke or vary the direction or decision as the Commission thinks fit; and
(c) notify the applicant in writing of the result of the reconsideration.
(5) There shall be no application for reconsideration of a decision made under subsection (4)(b).