The Cost of a Data Breach by Alex Igel Proteus Cyber.


A 2020 Global study by Ponemon Institute notes that the average total cost of a data breach declined slightly. In this year’s report, from $3.92 million last year to $3.86 million this year, which may lead some to believe that data breach costs have plateaued.  This certainly is not the case. Not only are the chances of material breaches increasing. The costs of handling regulators investigations and fines are also spiralling upwards.

Damage to shareholder value.

So significant is the risk to organisations of poor information security management that it is certain to form part of any due diligence. For organisations looking for funding, mergers or acquisitions. It is worth considering what a breach, or indeed regulatory investigation, might do to your negotiations. We only need to look at the negative effect a major breach had on the Yahoo / Verizon deal for evidence of this. Meeting an independently certified information security management standard such as ISO 27001 gives validation to security credential for all stakeholders.

It is important to bear the above in mind. That said, a robust data privacy platform should put all the checks and balances in place to mitigate these unfortunate events from happening. In the event of a data leak the platform should ensure the rapid flagging and reporting in the most granular detail, of such an event, within minutes.

Whilst the above are important drivers in any business case for Data Privacy, procurement costs also need to be considered.  

Clients have commented that the modular pricing they were presented with initially looked cheaper, but as they subsequently added modules, the through life costs were appreciably more expensive.

Our approach is to offer one clear and transparent price, which includes hosting, support and upgrades with unlimited users.


In addition, there are significant cost savings as Proteus provides a tightly integrated set of data privacy features that allow different business functions to work from the same data set but, still focus on their own dedicated areas.  Significant costs can be incurred when systems are not well integrated, having been developed by different companies, that do not work in a cohesive manner.

For example:

From A Business Perspective the benefits that we offer includes: -

Once implemented we include reasonable ‘advice and guidance’ as part of the SaaS licence. We include this in our services whereas our competitors generally charge for all services.

Have a look at an example below from our breach model calculator.

Example healthcare breach model

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Published 13 July 2021

Last Modified 13 July 2021