Proteus-Cyber Ltd- PIA/TIA Assessment


Find out more about our PIA/TIA assessments

Do you want to learn more about your processes and what ones may be of high risk? Do you need a system in place to assess potential risks? Or maybe you want to know more about our tick-box response questionnaires? 

If so, our PIA assessments are a fantastic addition as they give you the knowledge on what data your processes store, use and share.

The key benefits to this service include:

Why choose Proteus-Cyber Ltd?

Our motto is “Simplifying data privacy without dumbing it down” and that’s exactly what we stand by. We want to give you the power, the knowledge and the control when it comes to protecting you against a data breach or potential threats.

Whether you’re looking to know more about threat intelligence, third party risk management, data discovery or anything in between, we are here to help your business. 


Published 28 January 2021