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Proteus-Cyber Ltd- Privacy Impact Assessment GDPR, LGPD & CPRA

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Although GDPR was introduced some time ago, many companies understandably still find it a real minefield to get to grips with. Nonetheless, it is highly important your data is GDPR compliant or you could receive a warning or hefty fine. If you want to make sure your business is adhering to all the correct guidelines when it comes to GDPR, we are here to help.

At Proteus-Cyber Ltd we can provide simple GDPR surveys which will help you accelerate your privacy program.

Just some of the key features of our GDPR survey include:

Comprehensive Data mapping

Know who has access to any data

Unlimited number of assessments

Annual attestation with pre-populated surveys

Establish the legal basis for collection

How and why data is collected and used

Store categories of data

Configurable PIA & DPIA templates

Automatic risk assessment

Identify non-compliances and gaps

In addition to our surveys, we can also provide you with:

Pre-defined GDPR templates

DSAR workflow management

Data subject messaging interface

Automated data subject info retrieval

Off the shelf web interface

To speak to us about moving forward with any of our GDPR procedures, get in touch via our contact form


Published 23 December 2020

Last Modified 19 February 2021