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Proteus-Cyber Ltd- Threat Intelligence Tools

Find the right threat intelligence tools with our help

Whatever industry you’re in and however large or small your company is, threat intelligence is a reality, and it can be incredibly damaging if not correctly addressed. With so many threats to businesses across the country, it’s important to put the right steps in place to protect your data, your staff, your customers and your reputation. 

With our help, we can provide a range of solutions and tools that will give you back control.

For those that work with third parties, protecting your data is even more important. By utilising our automated vendor risk assessment, you can track what data you share with third parties and what contracts you have in place to manage them.

Key features include:

Pre-filled risk templates

Fully configurable vendor surveys

Configurable risk calculations

Vendor contract management

Track vendor shared data

Want to know more?

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Published 8 January 2021