Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™

Market leading Proteus® GDPReady™ is the first instance of the Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™, a multi-standard data privacy platform. It already supports the GDPR and Californian Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) processes on one platform and is able to include future privacy standards as they emerge. In-built templated articles provide the DPO with a ready-made suite of tools to model business processes, define what sensitive data exists and where it is, and perform multi-phase Data Privacy Impact Assessments.

Enterprise privacy:

  • Rated #1 by users in GDPR compliance
  • Multi-standard state-of-the-art data privacy platform
  • Most sophisticated Enterprise data privacy software
  • All-in-one integrated solution, bringing privacy into one place
  • Supports over 100 languages as standard, including Chinese, Japanese and Arabic RTL
  • Ideal Business As Usual (BAU) system


  • Simple but comprehensive templated data surveys with collaborative workflow
  • Model new business processes with self-service portal
  • Enterprise-wide data mapping creating a fully searchable data register
  • Import your existing data, processes, PIA’s etc.
  • Fully customisable templates, surveys and reports
  • Customer branded portal for Data Subject Access / Consumer Requests, breach notification and consent management


  • Automatic renewal of surveys
  • Automated threat and risk assessment
  • Fully customisable alarms for threats and breaches
  • Track your data flows across international boundaries
  • 3rd party vendor assessment
  • Full project management
  • Links to global data dictionaries
  • API's to integrate with 3rd party systems


  • Fully flexible reporting and multiple data export
  • Visual data maps show how breaches impacts the organisation
  • Simplified survey portals for non-technical users
  • Easy data visualisation
  • Most comprehensive tool (consent rules, SARs, breach notification, Article 30 report, Articles 6, 9, 25, 35, 36...)

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Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™
The future of Data Privacy proactively protecting your data

Comprehensive view of where Personal Identifiable Data resides in your organisation - Rules based engine that automatically selects appropriate controls from various standards e.g. CCPA & GDPR etc.. - Scored readiness evaluation and graphical illustration of compliance gaps - Roadmap for compliance with recommendations for immediate action - Insights to start building a robust data protection framework and inform your future technology choices - Helps meet the regulation requirements at a reduced cost, and potentially huge fines mitigated, not to mention reputational damage averted - Snapshot of legal landscape and your potential exposure - Easy, fast breach reporting - Vendor risk management for audits

Proteus NextGen Data Privacy features

Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™

Leading the way

Proteus was the first company to launch a GDPR-specific software tool, Proteus®GDPReady™ which, according to our clients, is by far the most complete and comprehensive GDPR tool in the marketplace.

GDPR took a giant step forward in updating data privacy standards and set the new benchmark worldwide. Whilst there are now many more data standards being prepared an introduced in countries around the world, so far all appear to be based largely upon the principles of GDPR, albeit with local emphasis (eg the CCPA’s focus on onward selling of consumer lists).

So, firstly, what do we mean by NextGen?

A key question that multinational organisations are grappling with is how to comply with the demands of all of these new standards? Do you have a system for each? Do you develop your own corporate privacy policy, which embeds the key principles of those that impact your organisation? How do you handle differences between legislations where they conflict? Proteus®GDPReady™ was the first iteration of Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™. NextGen introduces a user-configurable rules engine enabling multi-standard compliance by exception. NextGen shares the same source code as GDPReady, as does Proteus® CCPA (others to follow). Think of them as regulatory lenses through which data privacy is viewed.

But there is more to NextGen than that

Providing a solution to the multi-standards question is only the first part of NextGen. Data breaches are here to stay whether we like it or not. Meaningful fines though are new. As is growing consumer awareness of their rights. Not just the right to see, correct and delete data, but also the right to compensation for infringements. It seems unlikely that the sizes of the fines or consumer compensations will decrease, so prevention is the best course of action. Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™ introduces continuous control monitoring. Having considered the causes of many well publicised breaches over the years, what becomes clear is that it is often not the new attack that is the cause, but rather the failure of a simple measure or control that should have prevented the breach from occurring or at least caught it sooner. We regularly test the controls applicable for privacy compliance and update the risk score accordingly. Failed controls can be seen and responded to before data breaches occur. That is the second important component of NextGen.


But NextGen doesn’t end there. Consumer consent is an increasingly complex subject. You only have to browse the web for a few minutes to be confronted with consent engines that are annoying and do not achieve the requirements of the GDPR. Block-chain technology opens up a new world of possibilities for consent management and Proteus will introduce a block-chain consent management capability into its NextGen Data Privacy™ solution later this year. Proteus®GDPReady™ was out of the blocks first and Proteus® NextGen Data Privacy™ continues to lead the way.

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