Power to require documents or information

(1) For the purposes of an investigation under section 50, the Commission or an inspector may, by notice in writing to any organisation, require the organisation to produce to the Commission or the inspector a specified document or specified information, which the Commission or inspector considers relates to any matter relevant to such investigation.
(2) A notice under sub-paragraph (1) shall indicate the purpose for which the specified document or specified information is required by the Commission.
(3) The Commission may specify in the notice —
(a) the time and place at which any document is to be produced or any information is to be provided; and
(b) the manner and form in which it is to be produced or provided.
(4) The power under this paragraph to require an organisation to produce a document includes the power —
(a) if the document is produced —
(i) to take copies of it or extracts from it; and
(ii) to require such organisation, or any person who is a present or past officer of the organisation, or is or was at any time employed by the organisation, to provide an explanation of the document; or
(b) if the document is not produced, to require such organisation or person to state, to the best of his knowledge and belief, where it is.
(5) In sub-paragraphs (1) and (2), “specified” means —
(a) specified or described in the notice; or
(b) falling within a category which is specified or described in the notice.