“benefit plan” means an insurance policy, a pension plan, an annuity, a provident fund plan or other similar plan;
(a) a telephone number, with 8 digits beginning with the digit “3”, “6”, “8” or “9”, that is in accordance with the National Numbering Plan referred to in regulation 12A of the Telecommunications (Class Licences) Regulations (Cap. 323, Rg 3); or
(l) the personal data is collected to confer an interest or a benefit on the individual under a private trust or a benefit plan, and to administer such trust or benefit plan, at the request of the settlor or the person establishing the benefit plan, as the case may be;
(ii) to require such organisation, or any person who is a present or past officer of the organisation, or is or was at any time employed by the organisation, to provide an explanation of the document; or
(ii) if the document is produced, to provide an explanation of it;
(f) to require any person to provide an explanation of any document appearing to be of the relevant kind or to state, to the best of his knowledge and belief, where it may be found;