Paragraph 1(q) shall not apply unless —
(a) the research purpose cannot reasonably be accomplished without the personal data being provided in an individually identifiable form;
(b) it is impracticable for the organisation to seek the consent of the individual for the disclosure;
(c) the personal data will not be used to contact persons to ask them to participate in the research;
(d) linkage of the personal data to other information is not harmful to the individuals identified by the personal data and the benefits to be derived from the linkage are clearly in the public interest; and
(e) the organisation to which the personal data is to be disclosed has signed an agreement to comply with —
(i) this Act;
(ii) the policies and procedures relating to the confidentiality of personal data of the organisation that collected the personal data;
(iii) security and confidentiality conditions of the organisation disclosing the personal data;
(iv) a requirement to remove or destroy individual identifiers at the earliest reasonable opportunity; and
(v) a requirement not to use the personal data for any other purpose or to disclose the personal data in individually identifiable form without the express authorisation of the organisation that disclosed the personal data.