Chairman of Appeal Panel or temporary Chairman of Appeal Panel

(1) The Chairman of the Appeal Panel, unless his appointment is revoked by the Minister or unless he resigns during his term of office, shall hold office for such period as the Minister may determine and shall be eligible for re appointment.
(2) The Minister may appoint any member to be a temporary Chairman of the Appeal Panel during the temporary incapacity from illness or otherwise or during the temporary absence from Singapore of the Chairman of the Appeal Panel.
2A. - Secretary to Appeal Panel
(1) The Secretary to the Appeal Panel is to be appointed by the Minister.
(2) The Secretary is to provide administrative and secretarial support to the Chairman of the Appeal Panel, the Appeal Panel and every Appeal Committee, in the discharge of their functions, duties and powers under this Act.
(3) The Secretary is to act in accordance with the instructions of the Chairman and, in particular, be responsible for —
(a) the acceptance, transmission, service and custody of documents relating to the Appeal Panel, Appeal Committees and appeal proceedings under section 34; and
(b) keeping the records of proceedings relating to appeals under section 34 in such form as the Chairman may direct.
(4) The Secretary and any person authorised under sub paragraph (5) may attend any meeting of an Appeal Committee to carry out their functions under this Act.
(5) The Secretary may be assisted in carrying out the Secretary’s functions under this Act by persons authorised by the Secretary.
[S 19/2015 wef 23/01/2015]
2B. - Constitution of Appeal Committee
(1) Where an appeal under section 34 is made, the Chairman of the Appeal Panel is to nominate 3 or more members of the Appeal Panel (which may include himself) to constitute an Appeal Committee to hear the appeal.
(2) For the proper functioning of any Appeal Committee, the Chairman of the Appeal Panel may at any time —
(a) terminate the nomination of any member of the Appeal Committee; and
(b) re-constitute the Appeal Committee upon the termination of the nomination, the expiry of the term of appointment or the withdrawal of any member of the Appeal Committee.
(3) The re-constitution of an Appeal Committee under sub paragraph (2)(b) does not affect the validity of anything done by the Appeal Committee under this Act before, on or after the re constitution of the Appeal Committee.
[S 19/2015 wef 23/01/2015]