Functions of Commission

The functions of the Commission shall be —
(a) to promote awareness of data protection in Singapore;
(b) to provide consultancy, advisory, technical, managerial or other specialist services relating to data protection;
(c) to advise the Government on all matters relating to data protection;
(d) to represent the Government internationally on matters relating to data protection;
(e) to conduct research and studies and promote educational activities relating to data protection, including organising and conducting seminars, workshops and symposia relating thereto, and supporting other organisations conducting such activities;
(f) to manage technical co-operation and exchange in the area of data protection with other organisations, including foreign data protection authorities and international or inter governmental organisations, on its own behalf or on behalf of the Government;
(g) to administer and enforce this Act;
(h) to carry out functions conferred on the Commission under any other written law; and
(i) to engage in such other activities and perform such functions as the Minister may permit or assign to the Commission by order published in the Gazette.