Enforcement of directions of Commission in District Court

(1) For the purposes of enforcement of any direction made by the Commission under section 28(2) or 29, the Commission may apply for the direction to be registered in a District Court in accordance with the Rules of Court and the District Court shall register the direction in accordance with the Rules of Court.
(2) From the date of registration of any direction under subsection (1), the direction shall be of the same force and effect, and all proceedings may be taken on the direction, for the purposes of enforcement as if it had been an order originally obtained in the District Court which shall have power to enforce it accordingly.
(3) A District Court shall have jurisdiction to enforce any direction in accordance with subsection (2) regardless of the monetary amount involved and may, for the purpose of enforcing such direction, make any order —
(a) to secure compliance with the direction; or
(b) to require any person to do anything to remedy, mitigate or eliminate any effects arising from —
(i) anything done which ought not, under the direction, to have been done; or
(ii) anything not done which ought, under the direction, to have been done,
which would not have occurred had the direction been complied with.