(b) make all applications and do all acts in respect of the civil proceedings on behalf of the Commission or an authorised officer.
(b) develop a process to receive and respond to complaints that may arise with respect to the application of this Act;
(2) The Commission may, on the application of any organisation, by notice in writing exempt the organisation from any requirement prescribed pursuant to subsection (1) in respect of any transfer of personal data by that organisation.
(1) On the application of a complainant, the Commission may review —
(4) The Commission shall, in any direction requiring the payment of a financial penalty, specify the date before which the financial penalty is to be paid, being a date not earlier than the end of the period within which an application for reconsideration of the direction, or an appeal against the direction, may be brought under section 31 or 34, respectively.
may, within 28 days after the issue of the direction or decision concerned, make a written application to the Commission to reconsider the direction or decision.
(2) Unless the Commission decides otherwise in any particular case, an application for reconsideration shall not suspend the effect of the direction or decision to be reconsidered except in the case of an application for reconsideration of a direction to pay a financial penalty or of the amount thereof.
(3) The application for reconsideration shall be made in such form and manner as the Commission may require and shall set out the grounds on which the applicant is requesting the reconsideration.
(4) If any application for reconsideration is made in accordance with this section, the Commission shall —
(5) There shall be no application for reconsideration of a decision made under subsection (4)(b).
(2) Where any application for reconsideration has been made under section 31, every appeal in respect of the same direction or decision which is the subject of the application for reconsideration shall be deemed to be withdrawn.
(5) Any direction or decision of an Appeal Committee on an appeal has the same effect, and may be enforced in the same manner, as a direction or decision of the Commission, except that there shall be no application for further reconsideration under section 31 and no further appeal under this section from any direction or decision of the Appeal Committee.
the application to add or the addition of that Singapore telephone number shall not be regarded as a withdrawal of the consent.
(6) Regulations may be made to provide for the application of any provision of this section, with such modifications as the Minister considers appropriate, to any body corporate or unincorporated association formed or recognised under the law of a territory outside Singapore.
(c) in an application for judicial review or an appeal from a decision with respect to such an application.
(d) for the purposes of a prosecution, an application or an appeal referred to in section 58(1)(a), (b) or (c);
(d) the form, manner and procedures relating to applications and complaints under this Act;
(f) the form, manner and procedures for applications for reconsideration by the Commission under section 31, including the fees to be paid in respect of such applications;
(m) the fees to be paid in respect of applications, and services provided by or on behalf of the Commission, under this Act, including applications to confirm whether a Singapore telephone number is listed in the relevant register for the purposes of section 43(1)(a).
(4) Any application that is made to the Former Commission under this Act and is pending on the appointed date is deemed to be an application made to the Commission under this Act, to the extent that it is not inconsistent with this Act as amended by the Info communications Media Development Authority Act 2016.
(c) to search the premises and take copies of, or extracts from, any document appearing to be of a kind in respect of which the application under sub-paragraph (1) was granted (the relevant kind);