Art. 31

Additional tasks

1 The Commissioner has the following additional tasks in particular:
a. he assists federal and cantonal bodies on data protection issues;
b. he provides an opinion on draft federal legislation and on other federal measures that are relevant to data protection;
c. he cooperates with domestic and foreign data protection authorities;
d. he provides an expert opinion on the extent to which foreign data protection legislation guarantees adequate protection;
e. he examines safeguards and data protection rules notified to him under Article 6 paragraph 3;
f. he examines the certification procedure under Article11 and may issue recommendations in accordance with Article 27 paragraph 4 or Article 29 paragraph 3;.
g. he carries out the tasks assigned to him under the Freedom of Information Act of 17 December 2004;
h. he shall raise the level of public awareness of data protection matters.
2 He may also advise bodies of the Federal Administration even if, in accordance with Article 2 paragraph 2 letters c and d, this Act does not apply. The bodies of the Federal Administration may permit him to inspect their files.