Art. 36


1 The Federal Council shall issue the implementing provisions.
2 Repealed by Art. 25 of the Archiving Act of 26 June 1998, with effect from 1 Oct. 1999 (AS 1999 2243; BBl 1997 II 941).
3 It may provide for derogations from Articles 8 and 9 in relation to the provision of information by Swiss diplomatic and consular representations abroad.
4 It may also specify:
a. which data files require processing regulations;
b. the requirements under which a federal body may arrange for the processing of personal data by a third party or for a third party;
c. how the means of identification of persons may be used.
5 It may conclude international treaties on data protection provided they comply with the principles of this Act.
6 It regulates how data files must be secured where the data may constitute a danger to life and limb for the data subjects in the event of war or other crisis.