Art. 8

Right to information

1 Any person may request information from the controller of a data file as to whether data concerning them is being processed.
2 The controller of a data file must notify the data subject:
a. of all available data concerning the subject in the data file, including the available information on the source of the data;
b. the purpose of and if applicable the legal basis for the processing as well as the categories of the personal data processed, the other parties involved with the file and the data recipient.
3 The controller of a data file may arrange for data on the health of the data subject to be communicated by a doctor designated by the subject.
4 If the controller of a data file has personal data processed by a third party, the controller remains under an obligation to provide information. The third party is under an obligation to provide information if he does not disclose the identity of the controller or if the controller is not domiciled in Switzerland.
5 The information must normally be provided in writing, in the form of a printout or a photocopy, and is free of charge. The Federal Council regulates exceptions.
6 No one may waive the right to information in advance.