Art. 26

Appointment and status

1 The Commissioner is appointed by the Federal Council for a term of office of four years. The appointment must be approved by the Federal Assembly.
1bis This term of office shall be extended automatically unless the Federal Council has issued an order no less than six months before its expiry based on materially adequate grounds that the term of office should not be extended.
2 The employment relationship is governed by the Federal Personnel Act of 24 March 2000, unless this Act provides otherwise.
3 The Commissioner shall exercise his duties independently, without receiving directives from any authority. He is assigned to the Federal Chancellery for administrative purposes.
3 He has a permanent secretariat and his own budget. He appoints his own staff.
5 The Commissioner is not subject to the system of assessment under Article 4 paragraph 3 of the Federal Personnel Act of 24 March 2000.