Art. 25

Claims and procedure

1 Anyone with a legitimate interest may request the federal body concerned to:
a. refrain from processing personal data unlawfully;
b. eliminate the consequences of unlawful processing;
c. ascertain whether processing is unlawful.
2 If it is not possible to prove the accuracy or the inaccuracy of personal data, the federal body must mark the data correspondingly.
3 The applicant may in particular request that the federal body:
a. corrects or destroys the personal data or blocks its disclosure to third parties;
b. communicates its decision to third parties, in particular on the correction, destruction, blocking of the data or marking of the data as disputed, or publishes the decision.
4 The procedure is governed by the Federal Act of 20 December 1968 on Administrative Procedure (Administrative Procedure Act). The exceptions contained in Articles 2 and 3 of the Administrative Procedure Act do not apply.
5 ... Repealed by Annex No 26 of the Administrative Court Act of 17 June 2005, with effect from 1 Jan. 2007 (AS 2006 2197; BBl 2001 4202).