Consultations with provinces

(1) If the Commissioner considers it appropriate to do so, or on the request of an interested person, the Commissioner may, in order to ensure that personal information is protected in as consistent a manner as possible, consult with any person who, under provincial legislation, has functions and duties similar to those of the Commissioner with respect to the protection of such information.
Agreements or arrangements with provinces
(2) The Commissioner may enter into agreements or arrangements with any person referred to in subsection (1) in order to
(a) coordinate the activities of their offices and the office of the Commissioner, including to provide for mechanisms for the handling of any complaint in which they are mutually interested;
(b) undertake and publish research or develop and publish guidelines or other instruments related to the protection of personal information;
(c) develop model contracts or other instruments for the protection of personal information that is collected, used or disclosed interprovincially or internationally; and
(d) develop procedures for sharing information referred to in subsection (3).
Sharing of information with provinces
(3) The Commissioner may, in accordance with any procedure established under paragraph (2)(d), share information with any person referred to in subsection (1), if the information
(a) could be relevant to an ongoing or potential investigation of a complaint or audit under this Part or provincial legislation that has objectives that are similar to this Part; or
(b) could assist the Commissioner or that person in the exercise of their functions and duties with respect to the protection of personal information.
Purpose and confidentiality
(4) The procedures referred to in paragraph (2)(d) shall
(a) restrict the use of the information to the purpose for which it was originally shared; and
(b) stipulate that the information be treated in a confidential manner and not be further disclosed without the express consent of the Commissioner. 2000, c. 5, s. 23; 2010, c. 23, s. 87.