Compliance Agreements

(1) If the Commissioner believes on reasonable grounds that an organization has committed, is about to commit or is likely to commit an act or omission that could constitute a contravention of a provision of Division 1 or 1.1 or a failure to follow a recommendation set out in Schedule 1, the Commissioner may enter into a compliance agreement, aimed at ensuring compliance with this Part, with that organization.
(2) A compliance agreement may contain any terms that the Commissioner considers necessary to ensure compliance with this Part.
Effect of compliance agreement — no application
(3) When a compliance agreement is entered into, the Commissioner, in respect of any matter covered under the agreement,
(a) shall not apply to the Court for a hearing under subsection 14(1) or paragraph 15(a); and
(b) shall apply to the court for the suspension of any pending applications that were made by the Commissioner under those provisions.
For greater certainty
(4) For greater certainty, a compliance agreement does not preclude
(a) an individual from applying for a hearing under section 14; or
(b) the prosecution of an offence under the Act. 2015, c. 32, s. 15.