(1) An individual may file with the Commissioner a written complaint against an organization for contravening a provision of Division 1 or 1.1 or for not following a recommendation set out in Schedule 1.
Commissioner may initiate complaint
(2) If the Commissioner is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to investigate a matter under this Part, the Commissioner may initiate a complaint in respect of the matter.
Time limit
(3) A complaint that results from the refusal to grant a request under section 8 must be filed within six months, or any longer period that the Commissioner allows, after the refusal or after the expiry of the time limit for responding to the request, as the case may be.
(4) The Commissioner shall give notice of a complaint to the organization against which the complaint was made. 2000, c. 5, s. 11; 2015, c. 32, s. 11.