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Art. 19

Confirmation of the existence of or access to personal data shall be provided by means of request by the data subject:
I – in a simplified format, immediately; or
II – by means of a clear and complete declaration that indicates the origin of the data, the nonexistence of record, the criteria used and the purpose of the processing, subject to commercial and industrial secrecy, provided within a period of fifteen (15) days as from the date of the data subject’s request.
§1 Personal data shall be stored in a format that facilitates the exercise of the right to access.
§2 Information and the data may be provided, at the data subject’s discretion: I – by an electronic mean that is safe and suitable to this purpose; or
II – in printed form.
§3 When processing originates from the consent of the data subject or from a contract, the data subject may request a complete electronic copy of her/his personal data, subject to commercial and industrial secrecy, in accordance with regulations of the national authority, in a format that allows its subsequent use, including for other processing operations.
§4 The national authority may provide differently regarding the time periods provided in Items I and II of the lead sentence of this article for specific sectors.