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Art. 9

The data subject has the right to facilitated access to information concerning the processing of her/his data, which much be made available in a clear, adequate and ostensible manner, concerning, among other characteristics provided in regulation for complying with the principle of free access:
I – the specific purpose of the processing;
II – the type and duration of the processing, being observed commercial and industrial secrecy;
III – identification of the controller;
IV – the controller’s contact information;
V – information regarding the shared use of data by the controller and the purpose; VI – responsibilities of the agents that will carry out the processing; and
VII – the data subject’s rights, with explicit mention of the rights provided in Art. 18 of this Law.
§1 In situations where consent is required, it shall be considered void if the information provided to the data subject contains misleading or abusive content or was not previously presented in a transparent, clear and unambiguous way.
§2 In the situation when consent is required, if there are changes in the purpose of the processing of personal data that are not compatible with the original consent, the controller shall previously inform the data subject of the changes of purpose, and the data subject may revoke her/his consent if she/he disagrees with the changes.
§3 When the processing of personal data is a condition for the provision of a product or service or for the exercise of a right, the data subject shall be informed with special highlight of this fact and of the means by which she/he may exercise her/his data subject’s rights as listed in Art. 18 of this Law.