Definition of personal information

First of all, as regards its material scope, the APPI distinguishes personal information from personal data, with only certain of the provisions of the Act being applicable to the former category. According to Article 2(1) of the APPI, the concept of "personal information" includes any information relating to a living individual which enables the identification of that individual. The definition distinguishes two categories of personal information: (i) individual identification codes; and (ii) other personal information whereby a specific individual can be identified. The latter category also includes information which by itself does not enable identification but, when "readily collated" with other information, allows the identification of a specific individual. According to the PPC Guidelines (16), whether information can be considered as "readily collated" shall be judged on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the actual situation ("condition") of the business operator. This will be assumed if such collation is (or can be) performed by an average ("normal") business operator using the means available to that operator. For instance, information is not "readily collated" with other information if a business operator needs to make unusual efforts or commit illegal acts to obtain the information to be collated from one or more other business operators.