Section 500.16

Incident Response Plan.

(a) As part of its cybersecurity program, each Covered Entity shall establish a written incident response plan designed to promptly respond to, and recover from, any Cybersecurity Event materially affecting the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the Covered Entity’s Information Systems or the continuing functionality of any aspect of the Covered Entity’s business or operations.
(b) Such incident response plan shall address the following areas:
(1) the internal processes for responding to a Cybersecurity Event; 9
(2) the goals of the incident response plan;
(3) the definition of clear roles, responsibilities and levels of decision-making authority;
(4) external and internal communications and information sharing;
(5) identification of requirements for the remediation of any identified weaknesses in Information Systems and associated controls;
(6) documentation and reporting regarding Cybersecurity Events and related incident response activities; and
(7) the evaluation and revision as necessary of the incident response plan following a Cybersecurity Event.