Section 500.02

Cybersecurity Program.

(a) Cybersecurity Program. Each Covered Entity shall maintain a cybersecurity program designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Covered Entity’s Information Systems.
(b) The cybersecurity program shall be based on the Covered Entity’s Risk Assessment and designed to perform the following core cybersecurity functions:
(1) identify and assess internal and external cybersecurity risks that may threaten the security or integrity of Nonpublic Information stored on the Covered Entity’s Information Systems; 3
(2) use defensive infrastructure and the implementation of policies and procedures to protect the Covered Entity’s Information Systems, and the Nonpublic Information stored on those Information Systems, from unauthorized access, use or other malicious acts;
(3) detect Cybersecurity Events;
(4) respond to identified or detected Cybersecurity Events to mitigate any negative effects;
(5) recover from Cybersecurity Events and restore normal operations and services; and
(6) fulfill applicable regulatory reporting obligations.
(c) A Covered Entity may meet the requirement(s) of this Part by adopting the relevant and applicable provisions of a cybersecurity program maintained by an Affiliate, provided that such provisions satisfy the requirements of this Part, as applicable to the Covered Entity.
(d) All documentation and information relevant to the Covered Entity’s cybersecurity program shall be made available to the superintendent upon request.