CVE-2020-10703 (v3: 6.5) 2 Jun 2020
A NULL pointer dereference was found in the libvirt API responsible introduced in upstream version 3.10.0, and fixed in libvirt 6.0.0, for fetching a storage pool based on its target path. In more detail, this flaw affects storage pools created without a target path such as network-based pools like gluster and RBD. Unprivileged users with a read-only connection could abuse this flaw to crash the libvirt daemon, resulting in a potential denial of service.


CVE-2019-3840 (v3: 6.3) 27 Mar 2019
A NULL pointer dereference flaw was discovered in libvirt before version 5.0.0 in the way it gets interface information through the QEMU agent. An attacker in a guest VM can use this flaw to crash libvirtd and cause a denial of service.


CVE-2018-7262 (v3: 7.5) 19 Mar 2018
In Ceph before 12.2.3 and 13.x through 13.0.1, the rgw_civetweb.cc RGWCivetWeb::init_env function in radosgw doesn't handle malformed HTTP headers properly, allowing for denial of service.


CVE-2017-2635 (v3: 6.5) 22 Aug 2018
A NULL pointer deference flaw was found in the way libvirt from 2.5.0 to 3.0.0 handled empty drives. A remote authenticated attacker could use this flaw to crash libvirtd daemon resulting in denial of service.