CVE-2019-6658 (v3: 4.3) 1 Nov 2019
On BIG-IP AFM 15.0.0-15.0.1, 14.0.0-14.1.2, 13.1.0-, and 12.1.0-12.1.5, a vulnerability in the AFM configuration utility may allow any authenticated BIG-IP user to run an SQL injection attack.



CVE-2017-0304 (v3: 5.4) 21 Dec 2017
A SQL injection vulnerability exists in the BIG-IP AFM management UI on versions 12.0.0, 12.1.0, 12.1.1, 12.1.2 and 13.0.0 that may allow a copy of the firewall rules to be tampered with and impact the Configuration Utility until there is a resync of the rules. Traffic processing and the live firewall rules in use are not affected.




CVE-2014-2949 (v2: 6.5) 18 Jun 2014
SQL injection vulnerability in the web service in F5 ARX Data Manager 3.0.0 through 3.1.0 allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary SQL commands via unspecified vectors.



CVE-2012-3000 (v2: 7.5) 30 Jan 2014
Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in sam/admin/reports/php/saveSettings.php in the (1) APM WebGUI in F5 BIG-IP LTM, GTM, ASM, Link Controller, PSM, APM, Edge Gateway, and Analytics and (2) AVR WebGUI in WebAccelerator and WOM 11.2.x before 11.2.0-HF3 and 11.2.x before 11.2.1-HF3 allow remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the defaultQuery parameter.
CVE-2012-1777 (v2: 7.5) 5 Apr 2012
SQL injection vulnerability in my.activation.php3 in F5 FirePass 6.0.0 through 6.1.0 and 7.0.0 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the state parameter.