That data protection legislation is further complemented by governmental decisions on the implementation of the Privacy Protection Act 5741-1981 and on the organisation and functioning of the supervisory authority, largely based upon recommendations formulated in the Report to the Ministry of Justice by the Committee for the Examination of Legislation relating to Databases (Schoffman Report).
For the Commission
Viviane REDING
(1) OJ L 281, 23.11.1995, p. 31.
(2) Document WP114 of 25 November 2005. Available at http://ec.europa.eu/justice_home/fsj/privacy/docs/wpdocs/2005/wp114_en.pdf
(3) Opinion 6/2009/EC on the level of protection of personal data in Israel. Available at http://ec.europa.eu/justice_home/fsj/privacy/docs/wpdocs/2009/wp165_en.pdf
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