(8) The Personal Data Protection Act No 25.326 of 4 October 2000 (hereinafter "the Act") develops and widens the Constitutional provisions. It contains provisions relating to general data protection principles, the rights of data subjects, the obligations of data controllers and data users, the supervisory authority or controlling body, sanctions, and rules of procedure in seeking "habeas data" as a judicial remedy.
(12) Other provisions of the Act apply to registers, data files, databases or data banks which are interconnected through networks at inter-jurisdictional (meaning "interprovincial"), national or international level, and which are considered as falling within federal jurisdiction. They concern the control exercised by the supervisory authority, sanctions imposed by the supervisory authority, and the rules of procedure concerning the "habeas data" judicial remedy. Other kinds of registers, data files, databases or data banks should be regarded as falling under provincial jurisdiction. The provinces may issue legal provisions on these matters.