(7) The Argentine Constitution provides for a special judicial remedy for the protection of personal data, known as "habeas data". This is a subcategory of the procedure enshrined in the Constitution for the protection of constitutional rights and therefore makes the protection of personal data a fundamental right. According to Article 43.3 of the Constitution any person is entitled, under the "habeas data" rule, to know the content and purpose of all the data pertaining to him or her contained in public records or data banks, or in private ones whose purpose is to provide reports. According to that Article in case of falsehood of information or its use for discriminatory purposes, a person will be able to demand the deletion, correction, confidentiality or update of the data contained in the above records. The Article will not affect the secrecy of journalistic information sources. Argentine jurisprudence has recognised "habeas data" as a fundamental and directly applicable right.