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Data of every Welsh Covid-19 patient leaked online
Read more 15 Sep 2020
6,000 Roper St. Francis patients' info possibly breached in compromised email incident
Read more 3 Sep 2020
Lazarus group strikes cryptocurrency firm through LinkedIn job adverts
Read more 25 Aug 2020
US financial regulator warns of phishing sites impersonating brokers
Read more 21 Aug 2020
FBI and CISA warn of major wave of vishing attacks targeting teleworkers
Read more 21 Aug 2020
Ritz London suspects data breach, fraudsters pose as staff in credit card data scam
Read more 17 Aug 2020
300,000 links taken down in crackdown on investment scams with bogus celebrity endorsements
Read more 14 Aug 2020
Google: We'll test hiding the full URL in Chrome 86 to combat phishing
Read more 13 Aug 2020
NHS hit with wave of scam emails at height of COVID-19 pandemic
Read more 12 Aug 2020
SANS infosec training org suffers data breach after phishing attack
Read more 11 Aug 2020
BEC Scam Targets Executives' Office 365 Accounts
Read more 10 Aug 2020
Michigan's Largest Healthcare Provider Phished Again
Read more 4 Aug 2020
Interpol Warns of 'Alarming' Cybercrime Rate During Pandemic
Read more 4 Aug 2020
FBI sees surge in online shopping scams, FTC says most reports ever
Read more 3 Aug 2020
North Korean Hackers Targeted US Aerospace, Defense Firms
Read more 1 Aug 2020
10,000 patients affected by data breach at University of Utah Health
Read more 29 Jul 2020
Ledger data breach impacts one million users, hardware wallet funds are ‘safe’
Read more 29 Jul 2020
Office 365 phishing baits employees with fake SharePoint alerts
Read more 27 Jul 2020
4 signs your Android phone has hidden malware, and how to deal with it - CNET
Read more 26 Jul 2020
Attacks on DNA services create phishing opportunities, stir privacy debate
Read more 24 Jul 2020
Read more 24 Jul 2020
Major US Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam
Read more 16 Jul 2020
Zoom-Themed Phishing Campaign Targets Office 365 Credentials
Read more 10 Jul 2020
Mumbai crime: BKC company’s data stolen, clients receive email to boycott it
Read more 10 Jul 2020
Vast Phishing Campaign Hits Microsoft Users in 62 Countries
Read more 8 Jul 2020
Vast Phishing Campaign Hits Microsoft Users in 62 Countries
Read more 8 Jul 2020
Microsoft Seizes Domains Used for COVID-19 Phishing Scam
Read more 7 Jul 2020
Brute-Force Attacks Targeting RDP on the Rise
Read more 30 Jun 2020
Phishing attacks impersonate QuickBooks invoices ahead of July 15 tax deadline
Read more 23 Jun 2020
Nigerian Entrepreneur Pleads Guilty in $11 Million BEC Scam
Read more 22 Jun 2020
Separate Phishing Attacks Target Wells Fargo, BofA Customers
Read more 20 Jun 2020
Microsoft 365 phishing campaign exploits Samsung, Adobe, and Oxford University
Read more 19 Jun 2020
Covid-19 Relief: North Korea Hackers Lazarus Planning Massive Attack on US, UK, Japan, Singapore, India, South Korea?
Read more 18 Jun 2020
Google Alerts catches fake data breach notes pushing malware
Read more 16 Jun 2020 Is Phishing Bitcoin from Users of Private Messaging Service
Read more 15 Jun 2020
The State of Payments Fraud in a Pandemic
Read more 12 Jun 2020
Phishing Attacks Traced to Indian Commercial Espionage Firm
Read more 10 Jun 2020
Phishing Attack Hits German Coronavirus Task Force
Read more 9 Jun 2020
Google: Phishing Attacks Targeted Trump, Biden Campaigns
Read more 8 Jun 2020
Ransomware Attack Kidnaps Austrian City - COVID-19 as bait to deploy the ransomware
Read more 31 May 2020