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Take a look at our range of third party risk management solutions

When it comes to assessing risks and threats towards your business, something
people often overlook is third parties. Sharing information can be incredibly risky, so
it’s important to have steps in place to safely and securely manage any potential

At Proteus-Cyber Ltd we have several solutions and steps that you can put in place
to better manage your third party risks.

Automated pre-filled surveys
You can vastly improve your privacy program using our automated surveys that
cover PIA & DPIA. Our surveys auto-determine the information required to assure
everything is as it should be.

Automated vendor risk assessment
With our pre-filled risk templates, you can better understand which of your partners
uses your data and on what legal basis you provide access.

Data mapping
This solution helps you to understand where your data is, what processes use it, who
you share it with, where you back it up and what security measures to apply. In doing
so, you’ll be able to create a functional and practical secure data privacy program.

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Published 27 November 2020