Privacy Management Programs


Choose an award-winning company when looking for a privacy management program for your business

If you want to be prepared for any potential threats to your data, then you can rely on us. Here at Proteus-Cyber Ltd our team provide an impartial service to businesses far and wide. It’s our mission to provide solutions to your security issues by using proven methodologies and technologies. We’ll be here to offer a solution that works for your business, all the while helping you to better understand and manage various security risks.

We will use a range of methods to analyse and diagnose every element of your security systems to ensure you have the ideal protection from the various and ever-changing threats that have developed.

Why choose us?

Recently, we have been rated no.1 in SoftwareReview’s 2020 Privacy Program Management Data Quadrant which is based on excellent user reviews. With a Net Emotional Footprint of +96, we scored top product in 14 out of 21 categories, performing incredibly well in ease of data integration, privacy platform management, activity monitoring, assessment management and privacy platform management.

To get started on a privacy management program that works for your business, speak with us today.

You can read more about our latest award by clicking here.

Published 3 September 2020

Last Modified 9 September 2020